Mon - Thur: 7:00am - 7:00pm
Fri - Sat: 7:00am - 10:00pm (the last Thursday of each month we close at 7pm)
Sun: 8am -6pm
     (every third Sunday we are open until 8pm for Celtic Players and Knitters)

Phone: 206-463-0777
Physical address: 9924 SW Bank Road
Mailing address: 9215 SW 204th St.

"An island hangout, Cafe Luna is a bustling coffee house, with great espresso and an array of edibles, including banana bread, paninis, (get them grilled) or granola. A newly expanded lunch menu offers homemade soup, pesto pizza and the only organic salad available during the lunch hour. And on Friday and Saturday nights, the seats in Cafe Luna become prime real estate, because the small venue hosts some wonderful live music." Destination Vashon, 2009

Our commitment is to provide you with great coffee and products that reflect our respect for the environment.

  • All of our coffee is organic, shade-grown, and socially responsible.
  • Our decaffeinated coffee is processed by the organic Swiss Water method.
  • We serve organic products whenever possible including: tea, juice, chocolate, and pastries made with organic ingredients.

  • Our cow milk is certified Organic from farms in Washington. We offer Organic soy and rice milk as well.


  • Our eggs are layed by Rhode Island Reds and Jersey Giants who spend their days on Vashon Island's Cornerstone Farm.   The hens are raised on a diet of fresh grass, bugs, worms and organic feed.  

 We strongly oppose genetic engineering and strive to serve only non-GMO food.

  • We offer vegan options for food and drink.
  • We recycle and encourage you to do the same.
  • Help us reduce waste by taking only what you need and reuse items whenever possible.
  • We support local and independent small businesses.

Email us if you have questions or comments!

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