July Artist–Bernadette LaCarte



Coming up next month—

Bernadette LaCarte is a multimedia artist. She is a visual story teller who is not bound by any one style or medium. Her imagination is expressed in the virtual worlds of video games and in production design for theater performances, events and installation art. Her emotions and thoughts however are expressed in her illustrations.
This show is entitled “I spy”. These works absorb my everyday emotions, concerns, wins and losses. These are the strokes I put down late at night when everyone but me is asleep.
I work on my illustrations not in my studio but in my house. They are my meditations. Every stroke represents a deep and personal moment in my day, week, year.
When I look at these pieces I can see and feel the moments that fed each line and each color. I sense the quandaries and the replayed conversations. A stillness comes over me when I sit down and put pen to canvas. It feels like I’m writing a book about my life and the words are hidden in the strokes.

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